On posting personal pics on social media

I don’t want to be a jerk. Sure I post a lot of pictures of Jacob on my Facebook and when i get a little free time, i post on Instagram too. But I never meant to brag. Don’t take this the wrong way. I am a very proud mother. I am very proud of Jacob. Very proud of his milestones and I love exploring and learning with him everyday as he discover the world that still seem so brand new to him.

I seldom write here about his milestones, the things he can do (I never post about these things on my twitter, fb or ig) and I would be defensive when people (often dear and closest to me-wth?!?). ask me why he can’t do this or that at his age (more on that on a different post).

Let me clear that I am living in a foreign land. We have relatives here in the U.S but in different states and no one near Indiana where we currently live in. Our immediate families are all in Asia, I am a full time stay at home mom and apparently, the only friends I have are the friends I made from my husband’s work and from church, which, even combined together, do not really comprise a big number to be honest.

The only reason I am posting is to stay updated with my family and closest friends who cannot watch nor see my son grow. Not to brag about him although I am proud of him. I do not mean to pressure friends who have yet to get married (or are already married) to start a family. I have no intentions of making people (within my age bracket) feel that they should join the family bandwagon or make single people feel alone. I never wish to make anyone feel that they need to get married to feel complete nor to have a child just to feel accomplished or just because this is what people in our age do (I believe that any gap or void in life could only be filled by God and that unless you realize that, no man or man; nor any child for that matter would make your joy complete).

This is not imposing that this is how we should live at this certain point of our lives although i know they are made to feel that way many times. We have different priorities. I respect that. There is no time limit or a ticking bomb ready to explode if you don’t marry at a certain age. You don’t get married to settle down. Some people need to settle down before getting married. We are all different.

Don’t feel pressured to have kids just because everyone you know is having them (Btw, I AM PRO-LIFE). Don’t get married so you can have the assurance of someone to love you every single day (love is hard work. You work hard for it every.single.day.). Have kids but not because all your friends have them. Get married because you have found the greatest love of your life. Not because you are afraid of being an old maid. Enjoy the gift of being single (yes, you heard it right-it is a gift!). Enjoy the gift of marriage! Marriage is a blessing! It is sacred. Not everyone gets to chance to find the love of their life and get to spend the rest of their lives with each other. And when the time comes, enjoy your babies. Enjoy your children!!! Not everyone who wants to have kids can have kids. Treasure them. They are real gems. You are entrusted to raise the future. You are entrusted to mold people. Use this gift carefully. Remember that little children are little people. They need all the care and love and attention you can possibly give just like any person. Be gentle. Be filled with love.

Enjoy what you have at the moment and pray for wisdom when the time comes for you to take the next step-the big leap. As for my pictures, they will remain posted but I choose what I post. And I hope to see yours as you go where your life’s adventures take you.


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