This,apparently, is a seahorse



8 months!!!

I can’t believe it’s been 8 months already!!
Ok son, here are your milestones (before) the time you reached 8 months:


*Sit-to-stand with support

*Stand supported

*Stand and Cruise

*Jump up and down like crazy til you remove your pants (lol!)

*Feed while sitting and upside down (why son? Why?!?)

*try to talk: says “akiiiii” , “agiiii” , “awawa”, “yoko”, “hindi”, and a lot of other blahblah

*Loves reading “My first Bible Stories”, “Heaven is for real for little ones”, “The eye book”, “Mr.Brown can Moo, Can You?”, Touch and feel Animal book, “Oh the Thinks you can Think”, And dr seuss’s An amazing Alphabet Book

*knows How to turn pages!!!

*loves drinking from adult glass (since 5 months)

*have gone to a few playdates (always with Alicia )

*still sporting a mohawk (we have no choice little star, your hair only grows in the middle but you rock it!).

*still feeds from mommy + solid food

*turns the other way when daddy tries to kiss you

*Jumps excitedly (and flaps arms like a bird) when you see daddy come home from work

*Loves busy beavers

*fights with passion when it’s time for a nappy change

*Loves to play/bang hands on the piano

I may have forgotten to type some for now but believe me i couldn’t be any prouder of you! And i know how you surprise me with new learnings every single day! 🙂 i love you son!
Thank God for choosing me and entrusting you in our care!