I couldn’t let my baby out of my sight and apparently, even if I could, he wouldn’t have any of it! So, as gross as it may be, I’ve decided to take a memento of how I managed taking care of a baby without suffering from urinary tract infection.

Using the bathroom even to wash my hands, ALONE, is SUCH a luxury. But i love him and i can’t stand him crying when I leave him even for less than 2 minutes. Is this setup wrong? I don’t know but it works for me. My baby had colic and still has reflux so it’s been like this since he was a month old (my mom stayed with us the first month so i was a little pampered for a month).

ps: i used to put him in a car seat, but he hates it now and loves his now that he can sit with little assistance, in the tub he goes! And he thinks he’s in a boat! Makes waiting for mom extra fun.

Dear Son,
this is but one little evidence of how much i love you.


(I think some moms may be able to relate..)


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