There is nothing-nothing I say, that can prepare anyone for motherhood. Even a nurse or a doctor who has had countless experience with delivering and taking care of babies could ever prepare one for motherhood. No books, blogs, magazines, etc., no matter how many you read could ever prepare you from being one.

Every child is unique just as every mother is. Just as every situation of the unique child and mother is. There is no exact formula. No perfect solution. One can only pray and try and do her very best.

You can pretend to know. Yes , ms.know-it-all, mrs.i’ve-done-my-research, mrs.i’ve-had-experiences-with-blah-blah-blah-before.. Seriously, You can ONLY pretend. No offense intended.

Yes it is best to prepare, to read, to learn, but when the time comes and you hold your tiny baby in your arms and you see eye to eye for the first time and his little hand holds your finger and see his little smile, you’ll still feel unprepared, fragile, unworthy, and yet strong and full of love more than your heart can ever, ever hold. And then fear would start to sink, as you realize that the world is too big and too cruel for you to protect your dearly beloved child.

And then that smile, that beautiful, angelic smile, would remind you there is a higher power in control. That you cannot protect him all the time but your role would be to mold him, to hold him and to prepare him for that time when he had to let go of your hand, and pray that when that time comes, that little person you once held, would someday, in his own way, will make the world a better place.


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