29weeks and 5days!

Been out of the loop lately. Been busy with all the little things and what-nots. I have so many to tell though but will save most of it for later post. I’ll try to make this one short though. I am now 29weeks and 5days preggo!! woohoo!! I’m so excited to meet my little boxer/kickboxer/wrestler/karate-kung fu master/gymnast/acrobat/dancer/swimmer (he does all these and more-I know he must be so bored in that little, tiny space of his!) baby in my belly in about 10 weeks or so!

WOW!!! I’m gonna be a mom in about 10-12 weeks!!! I know I’ve been pregnant for over 7 months but I am still overwhelmed and amazed at this little miracle–this little man forming (quite fast and steadily) right inside me! I don’t think anything would prepare anyone enough for this roller coaster ride called pregnancy. Most times i am on high (well, not on high-on high of course!) I mean, I am at my best then suddenly I’ll be at an all time low. Like, I’ll suddenly cry to myself or panic or whatever thinking that I won’t ever be good enough for this child I have been blessed with then I’ll be at my happiest again. I ¬†guess it’s normal to be a little crazy at times (YES I AM BLAMING THE HORMONES) because that little crazy helps me (or us moms/moms-to-be) to be wiser, to think better and to aspire the best for our children. If I always want the best for myself, shouldn’t I want the same, even more for this little one? The one growing inside me? The one depending on me? This little person who is half me and half my husband? OF COURSE!


Anyway, my crazy season was my first two months of pregnancy (which aside from hormones I’m also blaming on winter blues) and just a couple of weeks ago when I realized (for the Nth time) that, obviously, I can’t keep my baby in my belly forever and would have to let him out and experience this cruel world where I am helpless of protecting him from anyone and everything but I vow to do whatever I can to protect him, to provide for him and to raise him up to be a good person, and with God’s grace-a man after His own heart. I think,¬†strongly believe that us,mothers should strive and work our hardest to raise men that would make this world less cruel. Good and honorable men-the world needs more of these and we have so much weight and burden on carrying this responsibility on our shoulders when we-mothers have a crucial role in molding our children’s characters.


May God strengthen us, give us the discernment and wisdom, grant us the courage and faith we need so that we could become good examples and bless our hands in raising up the future men for the next generation.