when i got married, i told myself, i would never ever love another guy ever again… i just have to break my promise because i found myself deeply inlove with this boy in my tummy 🙂

one part me, one part hubby and one part heaven ❤ i am beyond grateful to the Lord for this wonderful, wonderful blessing He has given.


mother’s day 2013

it is possible to love someone you've never met :)

it is possible to love someone you’ve never met 🙂

my husband and i with little baby in my belly :

my husband and i with the little baby in my belly :

the miracle of life- i have 4 arms and legs, 4 legs and feet, two heartbeats and most amazingly 2 genders!! :D i'm a woman with a penis in my belly. so funny and amazing! :D

the miracle of life- i have 4 arms and legs, 4 legs and feet, two heartbeats and most amazingly 2 genders!! 😀 i’m a woman with a penis in my belly. so funny and amazing! 😀

baby’s 25th week. 🙂 6months and 1 week!!! time flies!

my heart, my love


my joy :)

my joy 🙂

may 12, 2013.. mother’s day.

this year is soooo different among all the mother’s day that have passed. well first because, i’m pregnant with my first child! it feels like i’m a new kid on the first day of school. i am new to this club. i don’t even know if i belong, i mean, my baby isn’t even born yet so others do not consider me a mom just yet. thus, i am still not a part of this club called motherhood. others have been more gracious to me, including me in their group messages and tags and greetings for all the moms.

i told my husband not to buy me anything (except for the chocolates i made him buy the day before) and just take me out to a nice restaurant and just give me money so i can go shopping..i told him i’ll take care of his gift for me 😉

we went to church and there was a presentation for the mothers prepared by the kids’ ministry. i wanted to cry. i never appreciated those cute little ones until i realized i’ll be holding my own in a few months. a FEW MONTHS!!! how crazy is that? they asked all the mothers to stand and well, i was hesitant and ended up remaining seated and decided i’d stand next year when the baby is out lest i am asked of an evidence of being a mother. lol! 😀

prior to the preaching, there were over a dozen kids who were dedicated to the Lord and pastor steve was talking about how this dedication meant a lot to him more than it ever did to him in his 20+ years of service because he and his wife are also expecting a child next month. i was fighting back tears as i realized how important this is. just like pastor steve, and probably every other parents, i want many things for my child but none of them can compare with the desire for my child to know the Lord, to serve Him and to love Him and to seek Him always. i would always pray that my child would always find favor in the Lord and that he would grow to be a man after God’s heart. there is nothing more i could ask or pray for more than that. i don’t just want him to be a good man, i want him to be a man of God. i know the weight of this responsibility of raising him depends a lot on me, his mother. so i’m constantly praying for a wise and discerning heart, an unlimited patience and hands that would help mold him into the man he is destined to be-all for God’s glory. i would appreciate it if you could pray for us-me and my husband as we enter this new chapter in our lives.

thank you so much! God bless!!



welcome to my blog! obviously it’s my first so, welcome to me too!! i would probably be writing about many random things but within the next few months i believe my main topic would be on the most important experience of my life. i am now 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant with our first child. i want to share this experience with everyone who cares to read my blog. haha!! oh well, this is it for now! 🙂 have a great day everyone!!!